When in Rome…

I visited Rome in February this year, after researching many different places to go for a European city break that wasn't colder than England! Rome seemed underrated to me, as  the main things people know it for is the Colosseum or the Vatican, but there is SO much more. In almost every street you turn... Continue Reading →


Grand Abu Dhabi

  After having visited Dubai three times, and absolutely loving it, my family decided that perhaps it was time to try somewhere new in the United Arab Emirates, and where better to go than the capital city, right? I saw some similarities between the two places, like the feeling of almost royalty, and wealth as... Continue Reading →

Brighton: My Uni Town

Nearing the end of my time at university, I thought it would be apt to talk about where I have been living for the past three years- Brighton! As an 18 year old applying for university, I chose Brighton for its well-known cultures, opportunities and nightlife. It has been the most amazing three years of... Continue Reading →

NYC: SO Good They Named It Twice

New York City had always been the place i'd love to visit the most, out of anywhere in the world and I finally had the opportunity to go for my 21st birthday. The countdown to go to NY felt like forever as me and my cousin would count down the months, weeks and days until... Continue Reading →

Barcelona Charm

  I visited Barcelona in June, last year and loved every minute. I went here on a girls holiday which was long overdue, after finishing for the year at university. We stayed at Hotel SB Icaria Barcelona, which I highly recommend! It was more of a business type hotel- not your usual holiday accommodation, but... Continue Reading →

Sri Lanka

The beauty of Sri Lanka truly took my breath away. This is a South-East Asian country that that is way too underrated, in my opinion. I mean, how many people do you know that go to Sri Lanka, over say Thailand or Indonesia?! I don't know many... but they are missing out. I visited Sri... Continue Reading →


Hi Everyone, Welcome to my travel blog! I will be using this space to tell you about my travels; from the lovely places in England to the other side of the world! I have always loved travelling and have been doing so from a very young age. From starting off with family holidays in Europe, and then... Continue Reading →

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